HIOKI FT6380-50 Clamp On Earth Tester
HIOKI FT6380-50 Clamp On Earth Tester


HIOKI FT6380-50 Clamp On Earth Tester

HIOKI FT6380-50 Clamp On Earth Tester
Easy Pole Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester with Super Slim Jaw

The FT6380-50 measures grounding resistance simply by clamping to multiple-grounded ground wires. No auxiliary grounding rod is needed, and there is no need to disconnect the ground wire from the grounding rod. The compact, low-profile sensor can be used to clamp ground wires with ease, and also provide AC current measurement functionality and can measure currents ranging from leakage current on the order of several mA to load currents of up to 60 A.

CAT IV 600 V

Easy! Just connect the optional Z3210 Wireless Adapter to your Hioki compatible instrument, to make it Bluetooth® ready.
Wirelessly connect Hioki-compliant instruments with a simple connection.
Transmit measured values to your tablet or smartphone.

Key Features
  • Easily transfer measurement data to your smartphone or tablet by using our free app GENNECT Cross or to an Excel® file. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)
  • Earth resistance measurement for multi-grounded systems
  • Measure leak current with absolute certainty with highly sensitive 0.01 mA resolution (at 20.00 mA range)
  • Measure load current up to 60.0 A range
  • Clamp at the narrowest point
Model No. (Order Code)
FT6380-50 Clamp On Earth Tester, Wireless Adapter Z3210 not included

FT6380-90 is sold only in Japan and Hioki Europe regions.

Data can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones using Hioki’s dedicated free app "GENNECT Cross," available from the Google Play or App Store.

Multiple grounding can be easily checked with the clamps.
Measure multi-grounded systems
Clamp on the earth cable. The instrument has two cores for voltage injection and current measurement.
1. The voltage transducer injects a defined voltage into the multi-grounded system.
2. From the defined voltage and measured current, the total circuit loop resistance is calculated in the following equation.
Rx + 1/ [ (1/R1) + (1/R2) + (1/R3) + (1/R4) + ... ] = V/I
In a typical multi-grounded system, the parallel resistance value is small enough to be ignored and the equation as referred on the left can be simulated as follows.
Rx = V/I

Clamp at the narrowest point!
The dramatically slim 0.79 inch (20mm) jaws let you finish your job easily and efficiently.

Transfer data via Bluetooth® wireless communication
The new FT6380-50 is compatible with the Wireless Adapter Z3210 (optional).
When the Z3210 is installed, Bluetooth® wireless communication is enabled.
The measurement data can be transferred to the dedicated free application GENNECT Cross or your Excel® files and reports.

See details about Wireless Adapter Z3210

Easily transfer measurement data to an Excel® file
Excel® Direct Input function allows you to input measurement values directly and automatically into an Excel® file once the instrument's auto-hold function is activated. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)

Instantly create reports by a free app (GENNECT Cross)
GENNECT Cross, a free app designed specifically for use with Hioki measuring instruments, lets you check and manage measurement results and create reports.
The software provides a range of functionality that helps manage data in the field, including photographing measurement sites, placing measurement results on photographs, and saving hand written memos.

In the previous model FT6381, only Android was supported in a separate app, but the new model supports GENNECT Cross, allowing users to create reports together with measurements from other instruments.

Optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary.

Click here for details about GENNECT Cross

Alarm Function
Set the alarm to audibly and visually notify yourself that the resistance or current value exceeds the threshold.

High Accuracy and Repeatability
Well-designed magnetic shields eliminate the leakage flux between the two cores that often affect measurement accuracy.

LCD with beautiful back light
With the bright back light, you can easily read the measurement value even in dark locations.

Large storage capacity (up to 2,000 data)
You can store up to 2,000 measurement values in the field and recall them in your office later.

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