HIOKI BT3563 Battery HiTester


HIOKI BT3563 Battery HiTester

HIOKI BT3563 Battery HiTester
3 mΩ to 3000 Ω/300 V DC Battery Testers for Production Line Testing of High Voltage Battery Packs and Modules

Hioki benchtop battery testers support simultaneous high-speed measurement of internal resistance and battery voltage for the ever-expanding production lines of increasingly larger lithium-ion low resistance batteries, and other battery packs for high voltage applications. The BT3563 battery internal resistance tester can measure the voltage and resistance of battery modules, high voltage battery packs, fuel cell stacks and other large batteries up to 300 V.

Key Features
  • Measure high-voltage battery packs up to 300V
  • Production line testing of high-voltage battery packs and battery modules
  • Large (low-resistance) cell testing
  • Choice of PC interfaces for full remote operation
Note: The comparison threshold values depend on the battery manufacturer, type, and capacity, and these must be established by the user.

Note: Measurement leads are not included. Purchase the appropriate lead option for your application separately. The male (system side) of the EXT I/O connector is also available. Please inquire with your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller.

Ideal for a diverse array of battery products and testing needs

• High-voltage battery pack testing
• Battery module testing
• Large (low-resistance) cell testing
• High-speed mass production testing of coin batteries
• Fuel cell stack measurements
• Battery research and development measurement applications

High-speed interfaces fully prepared for automatic production lines
The fastest 10 ms measurement data can be transferred via the standard RS-232C interface at up to 38,400 bps. (BT3563-01 includes a GP-IB interface.)

Use the interfaces to control triggering, measurement configuration loading, and zero adjustment from an external source. Output signals provide comparator results, end-of-measurement events, and measurement error information.

The De Facto Standard of Battery Testers
The HIOKI BT356x series
These highly advanced battery testers are best suited for shipping and acceptance inspections of cells and battery packs. They simultaneously measure internal resistance and the battery’s open-circuit voltage (OCV).

Since the AC-IR measurement method is used, the measurement time is shortened. In addition, highly repeatable results are attained with this method. These testers have a highly accurate 3 mΩ range, allowing for a resistance measurement of battery tab welding and bus bars. All of this combines for the best choice in battery testers.

High input voltage applications The input high voltage (1,000 V) model, BT3564, can measure the total resistance of the battery whole pack at once.

*Watch with the video subtitles on, to see detailed descriptions.

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